Re-Mix Classic Vintage Footwear

Already in the 1990s, Re-Mix in Hollywood/California made a name for itself among vintage fans and was known for its huge stock of dead-stock shoes from the 1920-1960s. Over time, however, it became increasingly difficult to find original unworn shoes. Added to this was the growing demand from the film industry and the swing dancers, who danced old shoes to death with tireless passion during the swing revival of the 90s. Therefore, just before the turn of the millennium, Re-Mix began reproducing its own most popular models. Thanks to the timeless design paired with the highest level of comfort, high-quality workmanship and the sex appeal of old Hollywood films, Re-Mix shoes have now a worldwide fan base, including many a star.

I bought my first pair of reproduced Re-Mix shoes right at the beginning of the company’s own production work – a Twin Strap in brown and green. I still own it and 20 years later still dance in it! Since then, my own Re-Mix collection has grown a lot while both collaboration with and representation of that company and its mastermind, Phil Heath, increased. 20 years later, we work with small factories around the world. In our search to find companies that, like us, pay great attention to every detail of the vintage years, we have come around quite a bit! At the moment, almost 100 different original models from the years 1910 to 1960 are being reproduced and can be seen running over a film screen or stage at regular intervals. The web shop in Europe has a small but growing inventory.

Monika Ploner
aka YesteryearMo

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