Going green

  • Sustainable because independent of short-lived fashion trends
    Re-Mix resists against the throwaway culture of the fashion industry. Our classic designs are timeless and do not just appeal to a limited age group.
  • Sustainable because of Longlivety
    All shoes are sewn and produced in high quality and will endure many years with proper care. Should something need fixing due to heavy use it is definitely worthwile to have the shoes repaired.
  • Sustainable Packaging
    Our shoes now come without plastic bags or other plastic parts from the factory. For cardboard and tissue paper we strive to use the highest possible percentage of recycled paper without chlorine bleach.
  • Sustainable Shipping
    Our shoes are shipped wrapped in craft paper on rolls from a paper mill in Upper Austria. The rolls unlike bows prevent clipping waste. The paperis environmentally friendly thanks to chlorine-free bleach and FSC and PEFC certified raw materials. To seal a silicone-free paper packaging tape is used with natural rubber adhesive. The paper address/parcel label is in a transparent delivery note pocket made of 100% paper with environmentally friendly adhesive. The entire packaging – cardboard, paper, parcel slip and packing tape – can be disposed together in a waste paper bin. Larger orders get shipped in recycled cartons or cartons made out of gras.
  • Fair working conditions
    Our shoes are made in Spain and China. In the factory in Spain, EU standards apply. The manufactory in China is a small family business that proudly produces exclusively for Re-Mix.
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